ATTENTION: Mountain Bikers who are serious about Taking Their Riding to the next level...
Coming September 21st - 22nd
The Primal Skills Camp
Join mountain biking's premier strength coach for a 2 day Camp that will change your training and riding.
My Step-by-step blueprint for unlocking your riding potential has been helping riders at all levels since 2005. Now we can work together in person at my unique MTB Performance Facility in fruita CO. 
What The Primal Skills Camp Is All About:
#1: Cutting Edge Training Tools & Methods.
My unique training system uses tools and strategies you won't find anywhere else. Based on my extensive experience and constant search for better ways to get results, the workouts I'll show you will take less time and leave you feeling fresh for riding. Plus, being a 40+ rider myself I also specialize in helping older riders keep riding strong for a lifetime.
Stuff We'll Cover: Steel Mace, Heavy Indian Clubs, Resistance Bands, Isometrics for MTB, Horizontal Tension Training and much more...
#2: Movement Focused Skills Training.
Let me help you improve your riding skills using my unique Primal Movement Skills based methods. This includes identify movement based problems from skill based  problems. This helps us come up with a solution to help you improve not only now but in the future as well, while avoiding frustration and wasted time in the process. 
Stuff We'll Cover: Standing Pedaling, Attack Position, Track Stands, Vision, Cornering, Front Wheel Lift, Rear Wheel Lift and Bunny Hopping.
#3: Integrating It All Into Your Lifestyle.
The best info in the world is worthless if you can't use it. I'll show you how to use the right mental approach to problems you encounter on and off the trail as well practical suggestions for using the materials covered in the clinic.
Stuff We'll Cover: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, Meditation for MTB, Creating a Training Plan and much more...
All of this for only $399! 
Sign Up Bonus - Get a pair of Catalyst Pedals (a $129 value) and an Isometric Training Strap ($20 value) when you sign up!
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Here is what we'll be covering during the two days:
Day 1

9 am - 12 pm - Breathing, mobility and isometric training

12 pm - 1 pm - Break / Lunch  

1 pm - 4 pm - Cockpit control (Foot Position, Hand Position - Purposeful Pressure and Elbow Wedges, Trackstands, Front of the Cockpit & Standing Pedaling Position, Back of the Cockpit & Attack Position, Weight Shifts)

Day 2

9 am - 12 pm - Steel maces, using bands for isometrics and other strength training

12 pm - 1 pm - Break / Lunch

1 pm - 4 pm - Cornering control (Switchfoot Riding, Cornering, Switchbacks) and Air Control (Front Wheel Lift, Rear Wheel Lift and Bunny Hopping)
About The Catalyst Training Center:
Use Unique Exercises to Help You Improve Your Movement Off the Bike
Use Skill Specific Drills to Help Improve Your Movement On The Bike
A True MTB Performance Training Facility in Fruita CO
My name is James Wilson and since 2005 I have dedicated myself to helping Mountain Bikers...period. I don't work with roadies, triathletes, BMX or other "cyclists". Helping mountain bikers is all I do.

Over that time I've worked with some of the top riders and teams in the world, had the chance to contribute to the top websites and magazines and help thousands of riders through my blog (which is the top MTB strength and conditioning website in the world).

The Catalyst Training Center is a unique mountain bike performance training center that allows me to personally work riders who want access the same level of coaching that has helped win 4 National Championships in 3 different disciplines (DH, XC and Dual Slalom). With space on-site to conduct both strength training and skills training, it offers a one of a kind training environment to help you improve your riding.

What People Are Saying About MTB Strength Training Systems:
Aaron Gwin
Yeti/ Fox Racing Shox Factory Team
2009, 2010 National DH Champ
#4 Final World Cup Rankings 2010
“The innovative programs that James Wilson provided for me during the 3 years we worked together played a big role in my rapid success at the highest levels of World Cup Racing.

Any rider who wants to get the most out of their abilities should invest in a program from James – it will definitely help you ride faster and with more confidence.”
Top 3 Reasons You Don't Want To Miss The Primal Skills Camp:
#1: What you learn there will be what everyone is talking about in 5 years.
Not to brag but I literally created the MTB strength training niche and have been setting the trends in it since 2005. From High Intensity Intervals to Kettlebell Training, I've introduced a lot of the methods used today by riders and coaches around the world.
And while most of the MTB training world is getting around to where I was 5+ years ago, I've been moving forward with the next evolution of training for our sport. What I'll teach you will give you an edge over other riders for years to come.
#2: More world class trails than you can ride in one visit.
The Fruita CO area has some of the best trails in all of Colorado, which means that we have some of the best trails in the world. Every year thousands of riders come here to sample the amazing variety of trails within 15-20 minutes of downtown Fruita.
While we'll cover a lot of stuff each day, you'll also have plenty of time to catch a ride in the morning and/ or evening. This makes the Primal Skills Camp a great chance to ride trails in a true mountain biking mecca. 
#3: Network with like-minded riders who also invest in themselves.
Let's face it...most riders simply are not going to invest this kind of money in their skills and fitness. And most riders probably don't need this in-depth of a camp. This camp is for riders who see the value in this opportunity and how it can impact their riding both now and in the future.
This means that you will be hanging out with a unique group of riders who see the world in a similar way you do. Being able to network with riders like this is a great way to know that you're not alone in your weird obsession with having more fun on your bike.  
Reserve Your Spot Today For Only $399! 
Sign Up Bonus - Get a pair of Catalyst Pedals (a $129 value) and an Isometric Training Strap ($20 value) when you sign up!
But there is only 1 opening left so don't wait! Click the button to the right to reserve your spot.
FAQ's About The Primal Skills Camp:
Q: Do I need to be a serious athlete/ rider to come to the camp?
A: No. The clinic is not a "boot camp" in disguise where you'll be beaten to a pulp every day. We'll be focused on learning and growing in the gym and on the bikes, which means that if you have the desire to come then the camp can help you.
Q: Where should I stay?
A: Fruita is a pretty small town but it has a lot of hotel and Air B-n-B options. And since it is a small town pretty much anything you find will be close to the facility. You can also stay in Grand Junction, which is where the airport is located and is a 15-20 minute drive to Fruita.
Q: Are we going to be spending time working on skills on the trail?
A: The short answer is "no". The clinic is designed to make use of the Catalyst Training Center and we will be staying on site for it. However, you will have the chance to get some rides in and I'll plan at least one group ride so you will get the chance to apply what we have been working on to the trail.
Q: I hear you hate clipless pedals. Can I wear mine to the camp?
A: I don't hate clipless pedals, I hate seeing how they hold riders back from improving their skills and being able to ride with more strength and power. I'm going to show you how to unleash your true movement and potential on the bike, which isn't possible with clipless pedals. While I'll explain more about why this is at the clinic, if you "need" you clipless pedals and aren't open to using flats to expand your movement vocabulary on the bike then this isn't the camp for you.
Reserve Your Spot Today For Only $399! 
Sign Up Bonus - Get a pair of Catalyst Pedals (a $129 value) and an Isometric Training Strap ($20 value) when you sign up!
But there is only 1 opening left so don't wait. Click the button to the right to reserve your spot!
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